rocknrollerj (rocknrollerj) wrote in ggskids,

Bloodier than Passion of the Christ!! and Funnier than Airplane

Live Freaky Die Freaky features Billie Joel Armstrong as Charlie Manson, Produced by Tim Armstrong from Rancid. If you feel you have a sick sense of humor Live Freaky Die Freaky is right up your alley.
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Why the fuck would you post this on a GG community???
Last time I checked, Green Day & Rancid had absolutely jack shit to do with GG.
Piss off you fucking pop twat.
By no means am I a community nazi but that was totally uncalled for.

I'll cut a bitch.
why the fuck not. GG was a sick dysfunctional dude. I get a kick out of shit like that. This movie is right up there. I can't belive you don't see the realtion as too the kind of person GG was, and the kind of movie Live Freaky Die Freaky is.